Jobs and Economy

Having worked three jobs as a single mother, Heather understands hard work. In Richmond, Heather will cut unnecessary government red tape and give small businesses the opportunity to grow. Bringing 21st century job opportunities to the 2nd District is vital to the future success of the next generation in Prince William and Stafford.


Heather has advocated to make sure small business owners, military service members, and middle class families are not the targets of higher taxes. Revenue projections in Virginia have fallen short in the past few years, especially when coupled with several large government program spending increases. As the next Delegate, Heather will always vote to keep taxes low and put more of your hard earned money back into your pocket.


Heather knows that having a large family often means having to be in two or three different places at the same time. Missing a soccer game or being late to work because of Rt. 1 congestion is becoming the new norm for everyday life. In Richmond, Heather will press for more funding to improve Rt. 1 and I-95, offer innovative solutions to alleviate congestion, and keep the ball moving so you can spend more time with your family.


Virginia students borrow over $1 billion per year to attend college, creating a growing cache of student debt that slows down our economy and hurts our children's future. In Richmond, Heather will be a huge proponent for combating the rising cost of tuition in Virginia. As the mother of three children who have gone through the public school system, Heather knows the importance of a high quality K-12 education. Heather supports reducing classroom sizes, limiting reliance on standardized testing and creating a direct school to workforce pipeline for students who don't believe college is the right choice for them.